Hub V2 – Hot Fix – 09/15/16 (15.8)

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  1. JH1 says:

    Please make the link text smaller, it’s taking up my entire monitor. kthx

  2. Ac7ss says:

    So, another patch being released on Thursday. Didn’t they learn from last time?

  3. Fix for Hue hub causing your SmartThings hub to reboot

    To provide some additional details and a small correction, this hotfix targets a problem reported by a subset of users who had a large number of Hue devices connected through a bridge. Users with the problem would have their hubs go offline (not reboot) when the Hue bridge was connected. We did a limited release to users who had reported this problem with good results.

    The actual problem turned out to be indirectly related to hue with the actual changes being implemented in the code that manages the connection with the cloud. In theory, the problem could be triggered with any set of devices that generated sufficient traffic in a short period of time (Hue happens to generate a lot of data in a short period of time when you have a lot of bulbs, particularly with Hue local polling).

  4. Don’t read too much into the version numbers. The development team (of which I am a part) bumps the version for when we cut releases regardless of where they are heading (to testing, beta, production, …). The other versions between 3 and 8 in this case were for other features that are not included in this hotfix which were being released to testing/internal beta environments.

    The changes here are important (thus the hotfix) but as limited as the notes make it sound. Please see my previous message for additional details on the change.

    Maybe we’ll just switch to a sha1 hash to keep everyone guessing :smiling_imp: (not really).

  5. Let’s not argue about why someone uses one feature instead of another. Choice is good. And different people have different requirements for different reasons.

    If the feature is officially supported, it should either work or there should be a notice published on the status page that it is not currently working.

    Customers should not have to figure out for themselves which of 17 options is the “right” one.

    Widgets are an official feature. It doesn’t matter why one person chooses to use them and another person doesn’t. They should work. If an official feature isn’t working, report it to support.

    The absolute best thing about SmartThings is this community, including the staff who post here. :sunglasses: Many people have written that it is helpful, knowledgeable, and welcoming of people at all levels of technical experience and with all different kinds of requirements of their home automation systems. And of course, there’s a great deal of creativity among the coders and makers who participate. So let’s stay supportive of each other, even when we’re frustrated with something else.

    Submitted with respect.

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