Hub V2 – Hot Fix – 09/15/16 (15.8)

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  1. Fix for Hue hub causing your SmartThings hub to reboot

    To provide some additional details and a small correction, this hotfix targets a problem reported by a subset of users who had a large number of Hue devices connected through a bridge. Users with the problem would have their hubs go offline (not reboot) when the Hue bridge was connected. We did a limited release to users who had reported this problem with good results.

    The actual problem turned out to be indirectly related to hue with the actual changes being implemented in the code that manages the connection with the cloud. In theory, the problem could be triggered with any set of devices that generated sufficient traffic in a short period of time (Hue happens to generate a lot of data in a short period of time when you have a lot of bulbs, particularly with Hue local polling).

  2. Are those non Hue bulbs by any chance? Check to see the Hue app if they are showing as ‘unresponsive’.

  3. My issues so far…

    1. Many of my ST branded Zigbee devices stopped working and needed to be reset.
    2. Samsung Robot Vacuum integration no longer works.
    3. Cannot add a mode in the app.
    4. Mobile presence has been flakey.
    5. I get logged out a bunch of times a day.

    Anyone from ST going to actually comment on any of the issues other than the Hue integration? WTF is going on? I know most of you defended ST in my Dear ST Staff post, but this is another example about why I posted it. They have no idea what they are doing.

  4. That’s easy, I don’t need widgets, my system is 100% automated.

    My app doesn’t log me out…

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